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"Turning Ideas into action

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"Turning Ideas into Action"

Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart's desire.”, said John Dewey, and we totally are in agreement with the quote.
We ensure that your ideas are beautifully nurtured, innovated and delivered in the best ways possible. With a team of nothing but the best at our venture, we believe in nothing is impossible to make your smile better on your best days. Be it a Birthday or a Grand wedding. We deliver the best. When your ideas are discussed with us, you have a wish list, we would carefully garnish them in most special ways for your big day. Your trust in us will never be let down. Time, Innovation, precision and execution with a pinch of the best results is all that matters to us. Nothing more looks better than a icing on the cake, and of course we would be that icing on the cake for your ideas, your dreams and your functions and events. We are just OneStepCloser® to you !!

Our Motto

OneStepCloser® is conceptualized in a way to make sure, your time and memory play a beautiful video in your future days to come, to remould your heart’s desire to its best. And at OneStepCloser® Events and Productions, Turning Ideas into Action is our primary motto

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OneStepCloser® manage your parties, weddings , sangeets, inaugurations, destination weddings, celebrity appearances, corporate events, exhibition and concerts, brand promotions. We are OneStepCloser® to your needs of a successful party.

Our & Team

Our team being into exclusive celebrity management, movies casting, parties arrangement and fashion industry have got the expertise and connections around the globe for your bright and the D-Day of your lives.

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The Pageant

Welcome to the Pageant

Mr | Miss | Mrs | Teen Manipal ® 2019, a brightly conceptualized pageant which not only brings out the best in you, but has been designed and formulated in a new manner for the very FIRST TIME in the twin districts. The Pageant is for the Mister’s, The Ladies from their teens to Misses and the charming married women. The charm these participants would bring in on the stage will be via a grooming that is levels above expectations. The pageant intends not just to make the participants participate and win a title, but also it would instil in them a sense of pride for all the learning they have accumulated in the journey. Not just that, the participants would be proud of themselves for being a part of social causes that would benefit their daily outlook at life.


The pageant is for the following categories Mr Manipal 2019 – Age 18 to 28 years
Miss Manipal 2019 – Age 18 to 28 years
Miss Teen Manipal 2019 – Age 13 to 17 years
Mrs Manipal 2019 – Age 18 to 40 years |Mrs Manipal Evergreen – Age 40 – 60 years
For Rules and regulations please click here